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Pathfinder Award Nomination Form

Make the spirit of Phi Beta Kappa come alive again this spring by nominating a person or institution for our prestigious Pathfinder Award. So often the good work done in our community to foster intellectual growth and creativity goes unnoticed. This is your opportunity as a Phi Beta Kappa member to suggest the name of a person or group whose extended efforts deserve recognition. Award winners are honored at the Spring Luncheon.


The Pathfinder Award reflects the imagery on the distinguished Phi Beta Kappa key, a hand pointing to the stars. It is awarded to those who encourage others to seek new worlds to discover, pathways to explore, and untouched destinations to reach. Most of all it recognizes those who engage in the process of unfolding the unknown, aware that the consequences of the journey itself are truly beyond the imagination.


We recognize corporate and commercial institutions that do something to broaden people’s interest in active intellectual accomplishment. These are organizations that take an uncommon interest in introducing ordinary people to extraordinary thinking and/or expression. They are organizations seeking to inspire and enable intellectual pursuits far exceeding what these institutions are usually expected to do.


We also honor individuals, both adults and youth, who mentor, inspire, and enable the intellectual pursuit of previously unthinkable ideas. These are people who reach beyond their ordinary routine, beyond the regular requirements of their lives and jobs, beyond the business of using the system to simply get by, in order to break new intellectual ground and/or inspire others to do so.


Do you know someone — or a corporation or institution — who deserves recognition for reaching beyond ordinary expectations and routines to enable and inspire intellectual opportunities for others? Please use this form to submit your nomination.

Thanks for submitting!

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