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See photographs from our trip to the Seattle Japanese Garden on May 28, 2022, and from our Indigenous Walking Tour on June 26, 2022.

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Pathfinder Award Presentation

Thursday, November 17, 7 p.m., via Zoom

Phi Beta Kappa is our nation’s oldest academic honorary society. Each year we honor individuals (both adult and youth), businesses, and institutions with our Pathfinder Award. The award reflects the imagery on the Phi Beta Kappa key — a hand pointing to the stars.

It is given to those who "encourage others to seek new worlds to discover, pathways to explore, and untouched destinations to reach." The people, businesses, and institutions honored do something to broaden people’s interests in active intellectual accomplishments; they reach beyond ordinary routine, beyond the regular requirement of their lives and jobs, to break new intellectual ground and/or inspire others to do so.

This year we are honoring four recipients with our Pathfinder Award:

  • Dr. Quinton Morris and Key to Changefor inspiring underserved youth through world-class music instruction and supporting their development as self-aware leaders.

  • The Brotherhood Initiativefor providing support and opportunities for academic growth and leadership to underrepresented men of color at the University of Washington.

  • Treehouse, for advancing equity and racial justice in the foster care and education systems.

  • Book-It Repertory Theatrefor bringing theatre into classrooms to bolster students’ imaginations, problem-solving skills, social-emotional skills, and enjoyment of reading.

You will have the opportunity at this virtual event to learn more about these organizations and ask questions of their representatives.

Please register to attend by sending an email to A Zoom link will be sent to you closer to the event date. If you have any questions, please email Linda Willenberg or call her at 425-641-1606. You may also contact PSA-PBK President Dennis Yamashita.