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NANCY BLASE, former president of PSA-PBK, has established the GERALD J. OPPENHEIMER FUND FOR THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF HEALTH SCIENCES LIBRARIANS in honor of Gerry Oppenheimer, former director of the University of Washington Health Sciences Library and current PSA-PBK secretary.

MARY-CLAIRE KING, UW professor and Phi Beta Kappa senator, has been awarded the 2014 Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation Award, also referred to as the American Nobel, for her contribution to medical science and human rights.

LORI MATSUKAWA, KING 5 News anchor and PSA-PBK member, was inducted into the Silver Circle for Lifetime Achievement by the Northwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in June 2014.

SANDRA ANDREWS-STRASKO and PHYLLIS BECKER WILLIAMS joined the board in summer 2014.

CHRISTOPHER LIM joined the board in summer 2013.

JOHN CHURCHILL, secretary of Phi Beta Kappa, was recently interviewed by members of the PSA-PBK board.

JUSTICE BOBBE BRIDGE, former PSA-PBK board member, was awarded the 2012 Dr. Samuel E. Kelly Award by the University of Washington Alumni Association's Multicultural Alumni Partnership (MAP).

ZEV HANDEL and KATHLEEN WOODWARD, UW faculty and members of PSA-PBK, were elected to the Phi Beta Kappa senate, along with a third member of the faculty, Mary-Claire King.

THOMAS W. KRISE, a member of PSA-PBK, was inauguarated as the 13th president of Pacific Lutheran University in September 2012.

STUART H. PRESTRUD, longtime PSA-PBK member and former president, treasurer, and assistant treasurer, passed away at the end of 2011.

TIFFANY TRAN joined the board and became assistant treasurer in spring 2012.

WILL MARI, a Ph.D. student at the University of Washington, joined the board at the end of 2011.

VIVIAN CHUN, PSA-PBK trustee, was honored for having served 30 years on the board.

ARK GEOW CHIN, longtime PSA-PBK member and former University of Washington regent, passed away in November 2011.

ASPASIA BARTELL, PSA-PBK trustee and Ernest R. Stiefel Graduate Study Award winner for 2011, reports on her trip to Cyprus and Greece with the with the American Hellenic Institute Foundation, a Greek-American D.C.Ėbased think tank.

TERRY POTTMEYER, PSA-PBK member and Pathfinder Award winner, has been named one of two Mercer Island Citizens of the Year for 2011.

A History of PSA-PBK
Delivered at the association's 50th birthday party in 2004 by Gerry Oppenheimer, PSA-PBK vice president.

BENJAMIN LUKOFF, PSA-PBK trustee, has written a book of Seattle rephotography, Seattle Then and Now.

GERRY OPPENHEIMER, PSA-PBK vice president, has written Italian Painters Born Prior to 1650: A Checklist.

DANIEL STREISSGUTH, architect and gardener, has worked with his wife Ann and son Ben to develop a hillside garden and donated it to the city of Seattle. Their new book is titled In Love With a Hillside Garden.

JULIE HUNGAR, educator and community leader, has co-written a new book titled The Wisdom Trail: In the Footsteps of Remarkable Women. Many local women are featured in the book.

BRAIDEN REX-JOHNSON has written seven books, including Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining: The People, Places, Food, and Drink of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and British Columbia; and The Pike Place Market Cookbook.

KARRIN KLOTZ, PSA-PBK trustee, was elected to the board of directors of Washington Women Lawyers and became the organizationís coĖvice president for membership. She was also a panelist for Women in the Professions: The Next Steps, a conference held at UW Bothell on October 28, 2011. PSA-PBK was a sponsor. In August 2013, she attended the San Francisco meeting of the National Conference of Women Bar Associations, which presented its Outstanding Member Program award to WWL for its Legacy Project, for which she served as vice president, interviewer for, and producer of a film on the 25 leading women judges and lawyers in Washington state.

Management of PSA-PBKís Portfolio
Our treasurer comments on the associationís investment policy.

Honorary Members
PSA-PBK has established a means of designating certain individuals as honorary members.

PSA-PBK Memberís Botanic Garden
A PSA-PBK memberís life work of preserving and displaying native plants of the Pacific Northwest, as well as exotics from other continents, is described in a recent illustrated Northwest Weekend news story. 

Three Generations, Three UW Grads, All Three Phi Beta Kappa
On his 95th birthday, Leo Bloch was pleased to learn that his granddaughter, Hannah Richards, was to be inducted into Washington Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, making his a three-generation Phi Beta Kappa family.



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