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PSA-PBK Values, Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Knowledge, wisdom, intellectual honesty, broad interests, trust, integrity, and responsibility are the core values of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

In support of these values, the mission of the Puget Sound Association of Phi Beta Kappa is the promotion of culture, public education and academic scholarship emphasizing education in the liberal arts inspiring a strong sense of values, ethics and civic engagement. The specific goals of PSA-PBK are:

  • Fostering of scholarship achievement at the college and high school levels in the Puget Sound area;
  • Offering academic, cultural and social programs for its members and for the public;
  • Continuing growth in the size of its membership;
  • Availability of general and scholarship funds for the support of its mission.
  • Support of the liberal arts and sciences.

In pursuit of these goals, PSA-PBK shall pursue the following objectives:

  • Award scholarships to students at the University of Washington and the University of Puget Sound;
  • Present book awards for excellence to high school seniors in the Puget Sound area;
  • Recognize extraordinary contributions made by individuals or institutions with our Pathfinder Awards and Humanities Achievement Awards;
  • Maintain an active public relations program featuring matters of educational and cultural worth and information about PSA-PBK activities;
  • Coordinate, as opportunities arise, activities with other academic and honorary institutions.
  • Manage investments and funds responsibly while meeting all legal and financial obligations.
  • Maintain an up-to-date archival management program in order to preserve the history of PSA-PBK.

September 2016

PSA-PBK Activities

In support of the PSA-PBK mission and to reach its goals and objectives, the Association relies on the activities performed by its committees, officers and staff. This document is to be reviewed at least annually. PSA-PBK will:

  • Offer academic, cultural, and social events of interest to its members by arranging for a spring and fall luncheon with speakers, and by scheduling at least three additional academic, cultural, or social events per year;
  • Support the association’s development/fundraising endeavors by such means as an annual solicitation of members;
  • Offer, annually, undergraduate and graduate awards to the limit of our financial resources;
  • Present, annually, one or more individuals, institutions or corporations with the association’s Pathfinder Award;
  • Present, annually, a book award to selected Puget Sound–area high school seniors;
  • Present a non-periodic Humanities Achievement Award;
  • Maintain an up-to-date website, listing current and past events, and any information of use or interest to members or the public, making use, as well, of social networking capabilities;
  • Issue, annually, at least two editions of the PSA-PBK newsletter;
  • Attend initiation ceremonies at the Washington Alpha and Delta chapters;
  • Send at least one board member as delegate to the Phi Beta Kappa Society’s Triennial Meeting.

September 2016


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